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Greek Olive Oil 1000ML


Full of fruitiness with an aroma of green fruit, light bitterness and light to medium pungency. Made from ‘Koroneiki’ variety, hand-picked and cold pressed in South Greece.

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If you want to give a great Greek taste to your meal, you should use Castaway Greek Olive Oil. Full of fruitiness, with an aroma of green fruit, light bitterness, and light to medium pungency. Its organoleptic characteristics have ranked it in the extra virgin category of olive oils which is characterized by certain special features, such as an exceptionally low acidity, a deep, bright green color with a bittersweet taste and a smooth taste feeling of various fruits. Also called “The Queen of Olives”, Koroneiki olives are considered and are recognized globally as one of the preferred varietals for oil production. Available in 250ML, 500ML, 750ML, and 1000ML, GLASS bottles. You can also return your empties to us. 5L ONLY in Tin Cans

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